AF Innovations

AF Innovations: Live Cases from the Experts

November 2014

AF Innovations has been designed to provide interactive education, in an intimate venue, to clinicians dedicated to treating patients with Atrial Fibrillation. Since AF patients present unique and complex challenges for even the most seasoned physician, AF Innovations focuses on providing the technical knowledge required to face the most important and evolving management issues.

The 3rd Annual AF Innovations: Live Cases from the Experts will feature live cases from leading Electrophysiology labs, complemented with interactive presentations, discussions, and debates.

8 Featured Live Cases

  • Cryoballoon Ablation
  • Laser Balloon Ablation
  • Renal Sympathetic Denervation
  • LAA Closure
  • Esophageal Deviation
  • Force Sensing Catheter Ablation
  • AF Ablation with MediGuide Technology
  • PVI Ablation

FDA Town Hall Summit

This interactive panel discussion, featuring leading Electrophysiologists, and representatives of the FDA and Medical Device Industry; will review emerging technologies and evaluate challenges and opportunities from the perspectives of each group. The engaging discussions will highlight how collaboration can lead the way to future trials, which may result in innovative device approvals that increase optimal patient care. Opinions on approaches to AF ablation, renal denervation, esophageal deviation, LAA Closure will be reviewed.

Educational CME Breakfast and lunch Symposia

Accredited symposia during AF Innovations: Live Case from the Experts will focus on timely and impactful subject matter vital to daily practice. In addition to clinically focused symposia, these educational events will review critical practice development issues, such as economics, coding and reimbursement, as well as strategies to develop a successful AF practice.